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Rademenes Ragdesire*PL (Ray)

Seal Bicolor

DOB 7/11/19

SBT 071119 091

Sir: GIC Adonis Ragdesire*PL

Dam: Fantasy Ragdesire*PL


Ray was the best travel companion. We were flying with him from Poland in cabin.

Didn't take him long to adjust to his new home, to purr and stretch on our lap.

He is a happy, very affectionate and simply an awsome boy. He is full of energy and playing like a little kitten! He is huge, too, almost 10 lb at 6 months!


Ragdollsea Alvin

Lilac Bicolor, cinnamon carrier

DOB 6/6/20

SBT 060620 025




We had our eye on Alvin from the moment he was born.

He was the biggest kitten, the biggest head, then, as he was developing - the nicest muzzle, the greatest profile, the softest and fluffiest fur.

He didn't purr like his siblings, he seemed a bit shy, but he was just waiting for the right moment! He is our lap kitty now and purring non-stop, following around everywhere!

He has very beautiful eye color for the lilacs, perfectly marked, his genetics is perfect.

He is perfect!

PL*Ragdesire H - Nico

Blue Bicolor

DOB 5/21/22

SBT 052122 102


Sir: U2 Ragdesire*PL

Dam: PL*Ragdesire Emiko

Nico is a huge kitten, over 6lb at 3.5 months old!

He is super relaxed, very laid back, has the softest fur, the greatest personality there is in a kitty.

He is a wonderful traveler as well!

Nico loves to sleep with people!

Gentletouch Adonis of Ragdollsea

Blue Lynx Mitted

DOB 10/22/22

SBT 102222 021


Sir: Diamond Dolls Adam

Dam: Rainbowragdolls Lila

Adonis is a huge love purr ball with gorgeous blue eyes

and perfect....everything!

He is the happiest when on your lap.

He feels home everywhere,

makes friends in no time.

One very happy, relaxed, excited, playful kitten!

We absolutely love him.

13 lb at 8 months old!

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8 mo1.jpg
Yulia 1.jpg

Seattle, WA

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