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Kitten Care

Bringing your kitten home

Making some plans ahead of time will make the transition to a new home much easier for you and your kitten.

First, make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your new kitten examined.

Make sure you have a sturdy travel crate for the cat to ride in.

To limit the number of changes your new kitty will need to experience the first day, you should have the same brands of food we use:


If you like to change brands later, slowly (over the course of a week) mix the new brand in with the old brand.

In the long run, premium cat foods are less expensive then grocery store brands. Your kitten will eat less of a high quality food and be healthier for it, saving your money on vet bills. Remember, this is a growing kitten and is going to eat a lot. Keep your kitten’s dry food available at all times, eating will taper off at it nears adulthood.

We highly recommend adding raw natural for all cats’ food: meat, fish, liver, and eggs. We use organic products, the very same brands that we have in our own diet.

Before you bring your new kitten home, put his food, water, toys, scratching post, and litter pan in a quiet room you can close off.

Cats need to become thoroughly familiar with new surroundings before they feel comfortable. An entire apartment or house can be overwhelming all at once. It will be much less stressful for your kitten to learn about you, your family and your home a little at a time. This is even more important if there are multiple people and/or pets in your household. Let your kitten explore the room, make sure he finds the litter box.



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In a few weeks you will be able to change it for any litter you like, but it is important at first to keep as many familiar things for your kitten as possible, so he does not get confused. Please do not use clay litters. It contains chemicals that can poison your kitten if digested.


Cats and kittens would enjoy quality furniture:

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