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Welcome to our web site!

About Us


We are a small home cattery registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and located about 20 miles from Seattle WA.


We are members of Ragdoll International and Ragdoll Fanciers Club.


Our kittens reside in Canada, United Kingdom, Polland, Korea, China.


Cats were always a part of our family,including those we adopted from the shelters over the years, but when we got to know a Ragdoll, we could not help ourselves when we fell in love with the breed.

Our cats - full members of our family.












We feed them the best and the healthiest cat food on the market.


We prefer holistic approach in treating our cats; natural cat food and providing clean environment.


Our cats are HCM negative, and they get regular Vet checkups.


Each have their own personality and each get the special attention they deserve.


We breed for health, personality and beauty.


We hope our kittens will bring joy and love to their families.


We will do our best to make sure that our kittens are placed in loving hands!

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Seattle, WA

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