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Welcome to our web site!

Previous Kittens

We like to thank those who have adapted our kittens and have sent pictures and updates of them growing up.

All kittens are adopted.

PK 1.jpg


Blue colorpoint boy

PK 2.jpg

Jett, Zack (not our "kitten") and  Leo

PK 4.jpg

Isadora, Chocolate mitted female kitten

PK 6.jpg

Milo, Avalanche and Jean Valjean, blue mitted boys

PK 8.jpg

Meo, seal colorpoint boy

PK 10.jpg

Mr Handsome - Ben, Chocolate point

PK 12.jpg

Flora - Blue lynx point girl. A very special kitten to us.

PK 14.jpg

It is Stevie - Blue Lynx Bicolor girl, little purring princess

PK 16.jpg

Merlin, chocolate lynx mitted boy

PK 19.jpg

Halo - flame mink bicolor boy

PK 21.jpg

Pinky, pure white blue eyed boy

PK 23.jpg

Seal mitted boys

PK 25.jpg

Dakota, blue bicolor boy

PK 27.jpg

Flame point baby-boy

PK 29.jpg

Kona - Seal colorpoint girl

PK 31.jpg

Barkley grown up

PK 33.jpg

Mr. McHenry - chocolate lynx bicolor boy

PK 35.jpg

Chester - seal colorpoint boy

PK 37.jpg

Phoebe, seal tortie girl

PK 39.jpg

Mo in his home

PK 41.jpg

Antar, blue bicolor boy

PK 43.jpg

Flame point boy named Toothless. Yes he has all the teeth! Did you see movie How to Train Your Dragon?

PK 45.jpg


Murphy, seal lynx bicolor boy, with his pet

PK 3.jpg

Princess Blu

PK 5.jpg

Izzy and blinds

PK 7.jpg

Avalanche, 1 y.o.

PK 9.jpg

Toby on the passenger seat

PK 11.jpg

Mia painted her kitten Olivia

PK 13.jpg

 Darmok, blue bicolor boy, just met his happy owner for the first time

PK 15.jpg

Casper, Lilac point, with his adorable owner

PK 18.jpg

Merlin celebrates his owner's birthday

PK 20.jpg

Halo 2 years old

PK 22.jpg

Rusty, pure white blue eyed boy

PK 24.jpg

Seal mitted boys

PK 26.jpg

Dakota, 1 y.o.

PK 28.jpg

Tortie point girl Taima

PK 30.jpg

Mr. Barkley - Blue colorpoint boy

PK 32.jpg

Marshmallow - blue mitted boy

PK 34.jpg

Two headed beast Frankie&Chuck

PK 36.jpg

Phoebe, seal tortie girl

PK 38.jpg

Monet, lilac mitted boy

PK 40.jpg

   Dylon, flame bicolor boy

PK 42.jpg

Lola, blue mitted girl

PK 44.jpg

Toothless visiting while his family on the trip

PK 46.jpg

Chess, Seal Mitted boy

"He's a very obedient and wonderful cat.  He's also very smart so lives up to his name in a sense :). Our son sleeps in the top of a bunk bed sort of arrangement that has a desk under the bed so there's a ladder involved. Chess climbs right up the ladder like a little boy to join him at night as his bed buddy.  They both are just right for each other"

(quote from email)

PK 47.jpg

Tim, 7 mo, 10 lb

PK 49.jpg

Crosby, 6 mo, with his sweet owner

PK 51.jpg

Sky Lily, Tortie point girl

"I just wanted to give you a little update on Lily!

She weighs 13 pounds, and is full of love!"

PK 53.jpg

Pearl, 1 y.o - 16 lb!

PK 55.jpg


Magic, Blue bicolor boy

PK 57.jpg

Tiny, seal mitted boy

PK 59.jpg

Mini- seal tortie bicolor girl

PK 61.jpg

Seal Colorpoint Boy

PK 63.jpg

Toby visiting, 8 mo

PK 65.jpg

Khaleesi - Seal bicolor girl

PK 67.jpg

Katia is all grown up and beautiful!

PK 69.jpg

Zeke and Sugar went home together

PK 71.jpg

Sugar - seal mitted girl

PK 73.jpg

I am huge!

PK 75.jpg



Are you there?

PK 77.jpg


PK 79.jpg


PK 81.jpg

Love Soccer? We do!

PK 83.jpg

Baby kangaroo Yulia

PK 85.jpg

Bath time - Stella

PK 88.jpg

Right fit

PK 90.jpg


PK 92.jpg

I will flirt with you!

PK 94.jpg

Heads are still too heavy

PK 96.jpg

Vacuum cleaner is way too scary!

PK 98.jpg

Tim, Blue bicolor boy

PK 48.jpg

Crosby, flame point boy

PK 50.jpg

Crosby, 6 mo, with his sweet owner

PK 52.jpg

 Pearl, flame point boy

PK 54.jpg

Merlin, Blue mitted boy

PK 56.jpg

Magic and Merlin went home together.

Here they are at 6 months old

PK 58.jpg

Rags, seal colorpoint boy

PK 60.jpg

Shahumi, seal colorpoint boy

PK 62.jpg

Toby, Seal mitted boy

PK 64.jpg

Khaleesi - Seal bicolor girl

PK 66.jpg

Katia - Seal bicolor girl

PK 68.jpg

Simon - Seal Bicolor boy

PK 70.jpg

Zeke - seal bicolor boy

PK 72.jpg

Seal Mink Mitted boy

PK 74.jpg

Basket is full

PK 76.jpg

We share everything, including the cat tree


Lilac and Chocolate

PK 78.jpg

Hi, I am Charlie.

PK 80.jpg

Men thing 

PK 82.jpg

Weight watch 

PK 84.jpg

Comfortable place

PK 87.jpg

What is baby saying?

PK 89.jpg


PK 91.jpg

Do you know how to cook? Let me help you!

PK 93.jpg

 Falling off

PK 95.jpg


PK 97.jpg

You are sweet!...You too!

PK 99.jpg
Yulia 1.jpg

Seattle, WA

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