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Welcome to our web site!

Our Kings

Gentletouch Adonis of Ragdollsea

Blue Lynx Mitted, chocolate carrier

DOB 10/22/22

SBT 102222 021

Sir: Diamond Dolls Adam

Dam: Rainbowragdolls Lila


Adonis is a huge love purr ball with gorgeous blue eyes

and perfect...everything!

He is the happiest when on your lap.

He feels home everywhere, makes friends in no time.

One very happy, relaxed, excited, playful kitty!

We absolutely love him.

13 lb at 8 months ol!

His kittens are truly the best!

8 mo.jpg
Future Kings


Cinnamon Mink Colorpoint

DOB 10/08/23

SBT 100823 000


Vincent is our new addiiton, our future King.

We went as far as Amsterdam, Netherlands,

to find our little boy.

He is a very affectionate, outgoing, brave kitten

that loves kisses and loves to be on your lap. He is very personable, playful, friendly and sweet.

His colors are beautiful, very warm.

Looking forward to his kittens on the end of the year.


Ragdollsea Chester

Blue Bicolor

DOB 12/2/23

 SBT 120223 000

Sir: PL Ragdesire H-Nico
Dam: Ragdollsea Hilia


Chester is a wonderful kitten that took over our hearts
from day one. The striking intense blue eye color,
the rubbit-like fur, great boning and the sweetest look
combined with being the
most affectionate
lap kitten -
it's a Ragdoll perfection!

Yulia 1.jpg

Seattle, WA

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