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Welcome to our web site!

Reserving Kittens

To inquire about the kitten(s), please let us know what kitten is on your mind. Please tell little about your family, home, experience with animals and anything else that would help us to make that perfect match.


We keep our web site updated about kittens availability.  We accept deposits for upcoming litters.


If you like to reserve a kitten, we will send you the sample of the contract and accept a deposit.


When we have an available kitten, we will contact next person on a list with  deposits via email, with the pictures of the kitten, to see if the family likes the kitten. If they do, we apply their deposit to this kitten and consider him reserved. If not, we will offer the next available kitten, until everyone is happy.


We do not have an open door policy and do not entertain any requests for visiting the cattery, sorry.


We schedule visits for a family that reserved a kitten on Saturdays only (by appointments). We ask not to visit any other cattery at the same time.


Please respect our time and time of other visitors by being punctual.


A $300 (or $500 in certain cases) non-refundable deposit is required on the purchase of Ragdoll kittens in order for us to reserve a kitten of your choice. In some cases, this deposit can be applied towards another kitten.


We will try our best to make the perfect match.


We also reserve the rights to refuse any sale.


We have "No Declawing" policy


The basic price for the pet kitten starts at $1500 and up, depending on color and marking. Rare colors (lilac, chocolate, cinnamon) and bicolor kittens start at $2200 and up. Show quality kittens cost $2500 and up. Pure white blue eyed kitten's price is $3000, and we only have a very few each year, there is a separate waiting list for such kittens. We would love our kitten to have a playmate, if possible.


The price will include its current shots, deworming, and, of course, a healthy kitten. You will also get a sample of food and instructions on how to take care of your new family member. Please take time to visit our page Kitten Care, before you bring your kitten home.


Kittens are ready to go to their homes at 10-14 weeks, depending on their development and the vet assesement.

We offer lifetime breeder support for your kitten and a two year health guarantee from any genetic defects.


Upon the purchase of a Ragdoll kitten, a contract, including a spayed/neutered agreement is required. 


Once you have decided upon a kitten a contract will be given to you. 


Registration paperwork will be sent to you as soon as you send us proof of your kitten being spayed or neutered.


Please make plans to pick up kitten on the day it's ready to go home.


We will charge $20 per day for boarding for every extra day.


We do not ship, unless there can be two kittens in a carrier.

Cargo shipping puts tremendous stress on a kitten, that is totally alone in a scary extremely noizy place. He has to spend many hours in horror, does not understand what's going on, no one is there to comfort him. Such a stress may have an impact on his health.


We can deliver your kitten for a fee, or we welcome to pick him up and carry with you in a cabin of your flight.


For more information please


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Seattle, WA

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